Celebration Drip Cakes

Chocolate and berry vanilla drip cake

I'm not one for following cake trends too closely especially as my creative process is often about designing a special and unique cake for each client. But there is one current trend that I am loving! And that is drip cakes. The theme being some sort of sweet substance overflowing the top of a layer cake. Simple but so utterly mouthwatering. Each one can be made to look so individual and can easily capture different flavours and styles to suit a host of celebrations.

Chocolate layer drip cake

For my chocolate drip cakes, I've taken to sourcing organic chocolate from the amazing Montezuma's. They are known for their innovative chocolate flavours. In particular, I love their raw looking chocolate bars that make a great adornment on chocolate drip cakes.

But there are all sorts of ways to decorate a drip cake. The cake in the main image is a semi-naked, chocolate layer cake, topped with dark chocolate, fresh berries and meringue kisses. As this cake was made for an 18th birthday celebration, the cake was accompanied by rich chocolate and raspberry cup cakes. 

And here is another chocolate layer drip cake, this time the layers are filled with rich chocolate buttercream. The cake has then been drizzled with silky salted caramel and topped with Montezuma's truffles and raw chocolate pieces. A decadent cake for a milestone birthday.

Chocolate & salted caramel layer drip cake