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Food Styling Shoot with Emily Quinton

I'm so excited to tell you that I've just been involved in a wonderful food styling shoot with the incredibly talented Emily Quinton. And I feel very privileged to be sharing Emily's stunning photos here of my cakes. 

For those of you who don't know Emily, she is a tremendously inspiring individual. I came across Emily through her courses that she runs at Makelight (, of which she is the co-founder. I have since learned that not only is she a highly talented photographer but she is an amazing teacher too. Emily and Stef, the founders of Makelight, are nurturing a wonderful community full of makers, creatives and small business owners. They are helping their members to grow fledgling, or already established, businesses by educating and empowering through their online courses and video tutorials. The Makelight community is immensely supportive and I feel very grateful to be a part of it. 

Semi naked cake

So now you may understand why I was utterly delighted when Emily suggested that we have a food styling shoot together. I felt incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work beside her. And in anticipation of her visit I got rather carried away and made lots of pretty cakes and bought lots of flowers. I can't help but associate prettiness with Emily! She takes the most beautiful photographs and being witness to that, during our styling session, was a really special thing. 

My fellow Makelighters will probably feel the same familiarity with Emily that I feel. Having her arrive on my doorstep felt like the most natural thing having watched Emily in numerous video tutorials and live Facebook sessions. I think that is a testimony to the authenticity and genuine nature of the woman. 

Vanilla cup cakes, raspberry cup cakes

We had a lot of fun styling and photographing my bakes. But the loveliest part of the day was sitting down, like old friends, to share some cake and enjoy it over a mug of tea. It definitely is a day I won't forget and it has really been a highlight of my food photography journey. Xx

Raspberry semi naked cake with fresh roses