Food Styling Shoot Guest Blog by Marion Wotton Photography

Semi naked vanilla layer cakeI love baking. Many of us do - goodness but The Great British Bake Off wouldn’t be a raging success if we didn’t! But I must admit that while I enjoy baking, I simply don’t possess that flair, that certain … je ne sais quoi that turns a cupcake into a work of art.

Bespoke cup cakes with hydrangea

It’s fortunate, then, that there are people who cannot only bake a delicious cake, but also create a showstopper! Vaani of Sugar Plum Bakes is definitely one of those people.

Vaani recently gave me the opportunity to photograph a selection of her cakes and biscuits, and we had a brilliant time working on the shoot together. It’s amazing how work doesn’t seem like ‘work’ when you’re laughing a lot!

We did the shoot in Vaani’s kitchen, transforming her space into a temporary studio and worked our way through a number of set-ups - Parisienne-themed cake and biscuits, an amazing Cinderella-inspired cake, Winter/ Christmas biscuits, cupcakes decorated with lace icing and lilac sugar paste flowers, and finally a new ‘semi-naked’ cake that she has been working on … I had brought my various boxes of props, portable studio lights, reflectors … as well as the camera, different lenses, off-camera flashes … when I say Vaani’s kitchen was transformed it was a room that even she probably didn’t recognise for the 4 hours of the shoot.

I am really happy with the final images I achieved for Vaani - I feel that I have been able to do her creations justice.


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