Choosing Your Wedding Cake Maker

Congratulations! If you've recently got engaged, I'm sure you'll be excited about planning all the beautiful things for your wedding day! Once you've decided on your venue, your amazing photographer and florist, and of course your dress! You'll next be thinking about other wedding suppliers like caterers, cake makers, stationers, make-up artists. So that's where I come in. When it comes to choosing your wedding cake maker, there are quite a few things to think about. If you've created a mood board already and have a strong sense of your wedding theme, then you might know straight away how you want your cake to look. Most cake makers will have a strong aesthetic and defined look, so looking through their portfolios will help you decide if they're creating a cake-look that you love.

The budget you have available for your cake can also determine what kind of cake you would like. I've listed my guide to prices below. A beautiful sugarpaste cake decorated with highly-crafted sugar flowers will certainly be more expensive than a buttercream cake decorated with fresh flowers. Are you wanting a highly polished looking cake? Or are you looking for something more natural, something with texture and details? By the way, my cakes definitely fall into the latter and my gallery is filled with textural, romantic and sensual cakes!

Surrey & London wedding cake maker


So if you've scrolled to this section, I'm sure you will be interested in a guide to prices. The wedding cakes I create are individual and tailor-made just for you, so if you're looking for an accurate price it's always best to get in touch. I do appreciate that a ball-park figure is useful so as a guideline I would advise that:

The price for a 3-tier cake would start from £375. This price is based on a semi-naked buttercream finish and each cake tier is made up of 3 to 4 layers of cake. I'm sure you will wish for your cake to have additional details or embellishments or personalised touches so please do enquire for more detailed pricing. 

My service includes delivery of your wedding cake to the venue and I will set it up for you on the day. The price for set up and delivery will depend on where your venue is, so again it's best to contact me. Once you give me details of your wedding, I can give you a quote for your wedding cake and the fee to set up and deliver your cake.

Romantic ivory buttercream wedding cake
Buttercream wedding cakes London & Surrey

If you're still figuring things out, then finding cake makers that are in the area of your venue helps. A local cake maker doesn't have to transport your cake as far and this can keep the delivery cost down too. Although, if you have your heart set on a particular cake maker because they make THE exact kind of cake that makes your heart sing – then choose that cake maker! You won't regret it! I have travelled up to 2 hours to deliver and set up a wedding cake. In warm weather, I make sure I put measures in place to keep the cakes nice and cool to prevent the buttercream from melting. The last thing I would want is for a cake to topple before the cake cutting moment!

So how much does the cake flavour matter to you? And do you care where your ingredients come from? I'm passionate about sourcing organic, British and ethically produced ingredients to create tasty, flavoursome cakes! I much prefer the flavour of a buttercream cake. The kind of buttercream made with delicious organic butter and whipped with just the right amount of sugar to a lovely, fluffy consistency. Not too sweet and most definitely melts in the mouth. Along with a sponge cake that's moist in every mouthful – well that's the kind of cake you want to dive right into, isn't it! 


Cake Flavours

I can make any flavour you wish for, although to give you an idea, these are my most popular:

- lemon cake with lemon curd & lemon buttercream

- vanilla & raspberry cake & white chocolate ganache

- red velvet cake & cream cheese frosting

- chocolate cake & chocolate buttercream

- Victoria sponge cake & vanilla buttercream & raspberry jam

Cup cakes

Prices for cup cakes start from:

£2.50 – for a basic cup cake with an added embellishment or small detail
£3.50 – for a luxury cup cake designed to your individual specification

There is a minimum order of 8 cupcakes

Wedding Favour Biscuits

Prices for hand decorated biscuits start from:
£2.50 – for a small sized decorated biscuit
£3.00 – for a medium sized decorated biscuit
£4.00 – for a large or highly decorated biscuit

There is a minimum order of 10 biscuits