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Romantic Cake Designs

I love romance - I am very much a romantic at heart. So I'm always delighted when I can incorporate the spirit of romance into my cake designs. This beauty here was made for Alex and Michael, who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. There are a lot of elements on this cake that are very personal to Alex and Michael, down to the smallest of details. 

The lilac and cream colour scheme ties in with their original wedding colours. Alex's Mum-in-law made her wedding cake for her, so to honour her work, we included similar details on the anniversary cake, such as the undulating ruffles and the mini rose detail on the board. Alex had beautiful lilies, cream roses and fragrant freesia in her wedding bouquet, so I made sugar flowers to match which take centre stage on the cake. Other touches include ivory lace and lilac ribbon to match the bridesmaid's dresses and Alex's wedding gown. And my most favourite detail on the cake are the edible sugar pearlescent buttons down the side, which were modelled to look just like the buttons on Alex's wedding gown. As you can tell, there was a lot of thought put into the design of the cake, and a real feeling of love. This cake meant a lot to Alex and her family and I feel very privileged to be the cake designer to bring this design to life for them.

Now romantic cakes aren't just for weddings and anniversaries. They can be for any occasion. This wonderfully pretty cake was for a 21st birthday celebration and is probably equally as romantic in appearance! The colour palette of blush pink and mint green are Hannah's favourite colours. The delicate sugar ruffles in palest pink bring a light feminine touch. I wanted the cake to have a Parisienne chic feel to it, so I decorated the cake with pearlescent edible lace and blossom petals. The brush calligraphy brings a sophisticated vintage touch to it too. 

Both cakes, as you can see, are all about the love!