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Summer Styled Food Table Scene

I had the joy of styling a summer food table scene with the lovely Emily Quinton. If you've read some of my earlier blog posts, you'll know that Emily is an amazing photographer and stylist. She's hugely inspiring, so it's always wonderful working with her. 

This table is so familiar to me too as it features in many of Emily's online styling tutorials - it's full of warmth and texture and so lovely to use as the tabletop for our scene.

We created this summery scene in Emily's garden in her Dulwich home. Everything looked so beautiful and even the view over the garden wall was pretty too!

Using an array of berries and flowers scattered over the table - we created a welcoming scene. Inviting you to take a seat at the table. To dig into the zingy lemon cheesecake or to indulge in a forkful of the light and delicate strawberry-filled sponge, to take a sip from the refreshing cucumber-flavoured cooler or to sit back and simply take it all in.